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Educational systems of the future will not be able to cope with the increased demand from learners, without the assistance of technology. As desire increases in developing countries for access to Higher Education, physical infrastructure and traditional learning resources will struggle to meet the demand. Mobile technology has a key part to play in bridging this gap. Scepticism in the academic community surrounding mobile technology, although well founded, should relent when the growing number of sustainable and scalable mobile learning projects inevitably appear. Models of theoretical learning using mobile devices within learning are becoming increasingly robust and appropriate to action for faculty and teaching staff. The cost trajectory of Higher Education is also not sustainable at its current rate; mobile technology will afford innovation in learning at a reduced cost. The debate regarding mobile technology within education will continue with advocates on both sides endorsing and decrying their place within learning. Two certainties remain, the expediential proliferation of these devices will increase; and the need for educators and institutions to adapt to the new technological landscape.

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“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” – Sir Peter Blake